Back At It Ringtone – Lil Mosey, Lil Baby


I hold a thirty stick and it got a beam, so I aim the clip (Rrah)
You ain’t been through what I been through
You ain’t know all of that shit for real
Hop in the Lamb’ I swerve (Swerve)
Fuck with a nigga, gon’ hurt (Hurt)
You ain’t gotta fuck with me, but you gon’ get yourself hurt
I’m in the North with the demons, off the Henny, I’m leanin’, uh
Thinkin’ ’bout bands, I’m fiendin, uh
Think that’s what I needed, uh
And I don’t feel safe unless I ride around with my nina, uh
Got two hoes that’ll set you up, Selena and Sabrina, uh

Yeah, I’m back at it (Back)
My wrist cost a brick, I’m makin’ moves, I’m makin’ good habits (Good habits)