CUT EM IN Ringtone – Anderson Paak


Sometimes you need a friend
Not the ones that just show up and don’t put nothin’ in
You know the ones that lend a hand and wanna see you win
When you come up on a lick, make sure you cut ’em in
And then, huh
Sometimes you need a foe (You need a foe)
One that keep your eyes open, keep you on your toes
You know the ones that wanna keep you where you been before
But I can’t go (No, I can’t go), no, I can’t go (No, I can’t go)
And woah, huh
Sometimes I need a check (Check)
Not the sneakers but the ones that make you watch your step (Make you watch your step)
Fuck your chain, fuck your name, how ’bout your respect?
Givin’ more than what I get, expectin’ nothing back