Diamond Choker Ringtone – Lil Gnar, Lil Uzi Vert



Lil Gnar, Lil Uzi Vert
B-B-Bankroll got it
Let’s go

Taking your ho’, put my dick in her throat
All these blue hundreds, I feel like a G.O.A.T
I got new diamonds on the chain, they choke
Watch too sick and my wrist got Ebola (Sick)
You don’t want smoke, you got asthma (Smoke)
Slide in the Lamb’ with the blaster (Bah)
They started first, but I passed ’em (Huh, bih’)
Hit this bitch from the back when I smacked it

The money come in at a fast rate
I’m drippin’ designer, that fashion (Fashion)
Three hundred an eighth but I’m ashing
Pulling the money and I’m steppin’ in Gucci
Smokin’ the rock if you thought that your bra was exclusive
Kung Fu, kickin’ the pot