Expensive Ringtone – Ty Dolla $ign


Uh (Damn James)
(Bluey, why’d you do it to ’em?)
Rrrrrr, Dolla $ign, Dolla $ign (Dolla $ign)

She so expensive, okay (‘Kay)
She so expensive, okay (‘Kay)
Beamers or the Benz’s, okay (Yeah)
Diamond tennis necklace, okay
Lambo or the double R truck, yeah, yeah (Ooh)
She gon’ let a superstar fuck, yeah, yeah (Ooh)
She so expensive, okay (Skrrt)
She so expensive, okay

She got expensive taste (Taste), ayy
She got a slim thick waist (Waist), ayy
Girl, it’s not your face, it’s your ass, uh-huh