Headlocc Ringtone – Yella Beezy, Young Thug


.223 knock a bitch head off (Headlock)
Young niggas ’round me roguish (Roguish)
You ain’t gotta ask, I’m totin’ (Totin’)
Big four-five, I’m focused (Headlock)
I’ll bust a nigga head open (Open)
Killers on side, they scopin’ (Scopin’)
And I’ll put the play in motion (Headlock)

[Verse 1: Yella Beezy]
Hey, hey, you bumpin’, I hope that you ’bout it, nigga (‘Bout it, nigga)
Got all of my lil’ niggas ridin’, nigga (Ridin’, nigga)
And your shit, they gon’ make you come out it, nigga (Headlock)
Got Uzis and choppers, nigga (Choppers, nigga)
You cuffin’ that bitch and she garbage, nigga (Garbage, nigga)
I shoot her a text, she come swallow, nigga (Headlock)