Moonwalking in Calabasas Remix Ringtone – DDG


Momma I told you we gon’ be okay
Whippin’ that Benz and she live in L.A
Tryna thank God but don’t know what to say
Don’t call that lil ass place no estate
Unless it came with a pool and a gate
Check the rear before I pull in the gate
All my watches flooded just like a lake
Lately I’ve been showing up extra late
Rich nigga take her on a cheap date
4 for 4 Wendy’s get her a plate
Love when these nuts all up in her face
She say “Wow”, never met a nigga with dick in her house
Spit in her mouth, dick in and out with the choppa
In the couch for a rat or a mouse
Mm, I feel like Michael Jackson
Moonwalkin’ through the Calabasas