Need It Ringtone – Migos


I said I need it
This Draco undefeated (rrah)
Hit your block and then I bleed it (yeah)
Go long, these bullets, he receive it
I can’t see it (I can’t)
My wrist look like a snow cone, make her eat it
Once I see her, I give her that dope dick just like it’s ether
Then I leave her, I can’t get caught up, I can’t be on Cheaters
There go them people, you know what it is
Go put the dope up ‘fore they breach us
Before they breach us
I’ma get out this bitch and I’m strikin’, I’m throwin’ my heater
Whole lotta money, and steady keep comin’
Forever I’m livin’ my life like a bleeder (slime)
Dope boy (dope)
I’m straight out the Nawf, I came up sellin’ hard (hard)
Heroin (dawg)
I’m straight from the Nawf, I went and bought me a Dawn (the Nawf)
I jumped off the porch and went bought me a gun