Oh My Gawd Ringtone – Major Lazer, Nicki Minaj


Stranger, lookin’ for some danger
Ride it like a bad gyal, face of an angel
This one here ah major, UK out to Asia
Pull out in da Range, got’em beepin’ like a pager

You know say I’ma give you what you want (want)
You know I got a body, you can flaunt (flaunt)
You let me come first, I’m in the front
He like kickin’ it with Chun, I’ma diss him when I’m done
‘Cause I’m back in my bag
Throw your rag, throw your flag
And I’m runnin’ up a tab, ‘cause I love poppin’ tags
Got moscato in my cup, poppin’ bottles in the club
He said “Knock, knock?” I said “Who’s that?”