Tap In Ringtone – Saweetie, DaBaby


Tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap, tap
She want a nigga that rap, she want him to give up the sack
I like ’em ghetto ass bougie bitch, the ones that wear the sundress
‘Cause she got a bigger booty, hold up I ain’t done yet (let’s go)
I like to fuck ’til she tap out, don’t tell yo ass to tap in (go, go)
The badder bitch from Cali, throw up Westside like Mack 10
Yeah, I know they call you baby, yeah I know you think you lit (go)
But you wanna fuck you gotta pay me (uh-uh)
Tell me uh-uh, I must be crazy
I don’t want nun if she basic (no)
This rich nigga dick
A hoe get lucky if she taste it (uh, forreal, let’s go)
Pretty skin, pretty feet, and she kinda thick (go)
Like to talk her shit while she bouncin’ on the dick