Top Gone Ringtone – Lil Mosey, Lunay


Baby, let me feel your body (Body)
Flexing like Tom Brady
When I hit, you doggy
I’ve been thinking lately, that when you’re around me
You twerk it like magic
In my Amiris two hundred, haha, yeah (Lu-Lu-Lunay)

Baby, don’t you stress, gon’ let a nigga flex, lil’ mama I’ma thumb through it (I’ma do it)
I know he’s upset ’cause you’re ridin’ in the ‘Vette and the top all gone (Skrrt, skrrt)
I run to him, like next, don’t care who vex, ’cause shawty I’m havin’ fun (Havin’ fun)
I let the hundreds go fast (Go fast)
Shakira hips, they don’t lie (No)