TROLLZ Ringtone – Nicki Minaj


I know you don’t like me, you wanna fight me
Always on my page, never double tap like me
Baddies to my left and my right, never chase a corny N** put that on my life
Just put it in his face, all this cake
He wanted a taste
He sippin on that ace
Itty bitty waste, pretty face
Yeah, eat it cookie monsta
He a slave to this p*ssy call me Masta
Real wet, I say slurp it like its pasta
They get nervous when its Nicki on the Roster
Somebody usher this N* into a clinic
My flow still sick I ain’t talking a pandemic
I write my own lyrics, a lot of these B*ches gimmicks
They study Nicki style now all of them want mimic
Talking bout Snitches when it’s snitches in your camp
Never stand alone you always itching for a stamp
Me, I’m still money wrists light up like a lamp
They gon have to send they best fighter for the champ