Vaiko Ringtone – Brodha V, Jordindian


Vainko, Vainko
Vainko, Vainko, Vainko
Vainko, Vainko
Vainko, Domino, Domino

Yo, killing it with the guillotine flow
Career got legs like a millipede, bro
I bring truth with the bitterness
Since I was a sonogram, I’ve been kickin’ it
I’m never nice, I say things impolitely
So, let me get under your skins like IV
Without being boujee or gully enough
I’m getting mad respect and money and love
Ladies then get consensual in tone
My exes want to eject their pheromones
Expect me to wreck their cervix in their homes
When I drop bars like poor service in a phone