WOAH Ringtone – KRYPTO9095


Woah! Lookin’ at my drip, lookin’ at yo drip, (Woah!)
Mommy look at me, oh, I’m killin’ that (Woah!)
Swinging side to side and I’m killin’ that (Woah!)
Damn yo’ girl so fine, but her breath is like (Woah!)
She said she wanna dance but she don’t know how to (Woah!)
I’m iced out, oouh, lookin’ like a star (Woah!)
Her name is Jenny, oooh, bitch don’t have no panties (Woah!)
I’m Steph Curry, when I hit the three, I hit the (Woah!)
Pause, Lean, Hit you with the (Woah!)
I’m saucy, ooh, she don’t like me (Woah!)
She flexin’ on the ‘gram, but her booty flat (Woah!)
Cha, cha, cha, cha, cha, cha! (Woah!).